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Bringing simple and accessible investment planning combined with wellness initiatives, incentivized savings goals and retirement planning to everyone, directly to the palm of your hand. A responsive system designed to encourage interaction via rewards and positive reinforcement. See your goals realized and opportunities expand.

About Us

What is Biterra Capital?

Biterra Capital is creating a dynamic multi-system platform that bridges the gap between fiat and cryptocurrency investing.

Founded on the singular notion of giving power back to the people. Biterra Capital utilizes financial technologies in A.I. and machine learning to empower our clients. We've created a revolutionary "non-institutional" wealth management platform.

The future of banking is with you.

Changing the financial landscape and creating services for independent workers, artists, college graduates and everyone in between by addressing the financial needs of the individual not the bottom line. Biterra's services allow users:

  • Low minimum investing
  • Mining linked operation
  • Customizable portfolios
  • Fiat and crypto investing
  • A.I. & Machine Learning
  • Time lock options

What Do We Want?

Worldwide Financial Stability

About the Technology

Tokens, Technology and the Future

Much more than a “Utility Coin”

The Biterra Capital platform enables users to earn cryptocurrency rewards for participating in financially beneficial and healthy activities, while achieving personal goals. The Biterra Capital platform serves clients efficiently by enabling interaction between industries such as healthcare and insurance to empower the client and enable lasting success on all sides.

The mission of Biterra Capital is to improve the lives of individuals and society globally through financial stability and wellness initiatives. This is achieved through engaging people in their own health and wellness through totally individualized, self-managed activities individually or with family and friends. These engagement activities range from making smart financial decisions, completing investment goals and users taking initiative on their personal wellness. The possibilities are infinite. The engagement activities can be tracked manually or through proof of engagement.

Biterra will partner with businesses worldwide to provide even more rewards and incentives from trusted providers. For example, clients can connect with a variety of apps to receive tokens. Owners of these apps can apply to become trusted providers and also earn tokens for validating the engagement activities within their apps.

Biterra Capital uses a transaction processing system based on Stellar for all transactions on the platform. The system enables Biterra Capital’s application to perform transactions without being subjected to any geographical constraints while allowing instantaneous transactions to take place on its application with low latency and high volumes. The application utilizes several transaction management schemes to allow for execution and updates to take place without affecting dependent systems.

Works Everywhere

Based on Stellar it has a built-in decentralized global exchange supporting currencies and assets from anywhere in the world.


The more tokens you have and hold on to the more your benefits inside the platform increase. The potential is limitless.

Proof of Engagement

The proof of engagement process validates engagement activities and token distribution and then posts the transaction details to the blockchain.

Gamify Smart Living

An engagement algorithm determines the total number of tokens to be distributed to users based on activities, usage and interaction with the platform.

Healthy in Every Way

Biterra Capital's mission is to be a global driving force to empower humanity through improved financial security, health, and emotional well-being.

Fast and Affordable

This entire process of coming to consensus on the Biterra network occurs approximately every 2-5 seconds so financial transactions are fast and affordable.

Focused on You

The Biterra Capital platform allows users to interact in an engagement-driven rewards ecosystem and to contribute in a way that best suits their experiences and goals.

Safe and Secure

Using the latest technology to ensure your personal data is safe and secure is top priority. We never sell your data and always keep you informed on how it is being used and only with your full consent.

Engage Your Wellbeing

Biterra Capital offers the most advanced financial investment technology platform that incentivizes health and wellness financially, physically and emotionally, everybody wins.

About Us

Fund & Token Distribution

The future


Biterra Timeline



The Idea

November, 2017Began with storyboards and analyzing the core objectives of the idea behind Bittera Capital to ensure the vision was achievable.



December, 2017The ongoing process of building a competent and reliable team to execute Biterra Capital started and continues still.

The Team




January, 2018Started the development of partnerships that are key to Biterra’s success with many companies and people. This is an ongoing process that continues to this day.



February, 2018Completed the initial round of family & friends funding to begin the process of starting Biterra Capital officially.

Initial Funding



White Paper

April, 2018The initial draft of our white paper explaining the utility, economoics, technology and future vision of Biterra Capital began.



June, 2018The final version of our white paper is complete and ready to be shared with the world.

White Paper Complete

Quarter 2


AI/ML Development

Quarter 2, 2018We begin laying the initial framework for our machine learning and behavioral spending analysis. Part of this initial development will also start laying out the ground work for some of the more complicated gamification.

Quarter 2, 2018Development of baseline functionality as we layout the initial implementation of the backend/frontend and design the user experience with our UX experts.

Initial Internal Release

Quarter 3


2nd Internal Release

Quarter 3, 2018Next evolution of the platform will provide a more robust user experience as the UI and backend is enhanced to offer main user functionality like signup, adding bank/card accounts, adding money to portfolio, etc. We will also begin integrating with Empirica in this phase which will offer new features overtime and will be ongoing.

Quarter 4


Quarter 4, 2018 (Half)Next evolution of the platform will offer the initial implementation and integration of the Biterra Exchange into the main application. The main application will continue to offer more features as development continues such as single purpose goals, robo-advisory and viewing the status of your investments.

3rd Internal Release

Internal Beta Release

Quarter 4, 2018 (End)Next evolution of the platform will provide partners with iOS/Android frameworks and RESTful services for easy integration for their userbases. The main application will continue to offer more features as development continues such as integration with the mining operation and Empirica wallet integration.

Quarter 1


Quarter 1, 2019 (Half)Next evolution of the platform will provide implementation of beta user feedback as suggestions and bugs are reported.

Public Beta Release

Release Candidate

Quarter 1, 2019 (End)Next evolution of the platform will be the first release candidate. This should include all planned features of V1.

Meet the Team

Team Members

Sean Hughes

CEO & Founder

Matt Estremera

COO & Founder

Matthew Melucci

CTO & Founder

Sebastian Fainbraun

CFO & Founder

Kyle Schultz

CIO & Founder

Matthew Hosburgh


Johnny Kmetz


Duane Pressley

Senior Architect

Tucker Logan

Senior Blockchain Developer

Abbey Technologies

Development Partner

Josh Chapman

Fund Manager

Tim Hesselsweet

Data Scientist

Dr. Colleen Spiegal

Data Scientist/Grant Writer

Richard Hoover

Business Manager

Jordan Wells

Content Writer

Marte King

Community Outreach

Important People


Elizabeth McCauley

Blockchain Consultant

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